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Maintain your medication

You’ve been working late for the past week and you keep forgetting that your prescription is running low. You finally remember to call and request a refill but your doctor’s office is closed for the day.

Things to consider with a new prescription

Things to consider with a new prescription

You’ve been prescribed a medication for a condition you’ve never had before. Getting into a routine is going to take a little while. What time will you take your medication? How do you feel when you take it? How long will it take to kick in? How often will you have to have it refilled?

Having trouble getting in touch with your doctor’s office for a prescription refill? Use our prescription refill request form to have your request sent directly to Dr. Vassileva, or call our office with any questions about medications.

Here are some things to consider when you get started with a new prescription:

  • Where to get your prescription filled
  • Whether your prescription is available as a generic
  • Whether your prescription has side effects
  • When and how to take your medication

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